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I first experienced smoking cigars while a student at Gannon College in 1972.
Over the years I cultivated a very discerning quest for the consummate cigar.
I often could be heard saying “So many cigars, so little time”.
Upon the recommendation of a friend, I stopped at a local cigar shop named Tightwad Tobacco, and purchased a FAT TONY’S CIGAR. To be honest with you I had my doubts, so this cigar sat in one of my humidors for a couple of months. I finally decided to give it a try; I was speechless. This FAT TONY’S CIGAR was without a doubt one of the best cigars that I had smoked in years.
I immediately got in touch with my friend who had told me about FAT TONY’S CIGARS, and said I have to meet the guy behind the cigar. His name was Tony Fatica, and It wasn’t long before Tony and I met and talked cigars. Tony’s not exactly what you would expect, he’s a very down to earth, generous, level headed family man, with a personality that doesn’t quit.
Tony introduced me to a good friend of his Ken Rockhill, and needless to say we all try to get together on a weekly basis to enjoy a FAT TONY.
After several decades of hunting for the ultimate high-end cigar, I’ve found it; and what’s more surprising, you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to enjoy this extravagance.