Savoring moments

Growing up in the upper West side of Erie, PA in a healthy middle class family that exercises regularly, you don’t get offered fine liquor or tobacco products often, that is until I met my good pal Micheal Amidon. Mike and I first met as co workers in the security field, but soon following Mike and I were hitting bars like baseballs. The Oasis bar is were Mike gave me my first cigar on the outside patio one warm summer night. From there I was enthralled with trying any and all stogies until I found the box’s I could call my “go-to”. In October 2017 at our local smoke shop, Mike invited his friend Tony and introduced us. Tony gave me a stick to try and I happily obliged smoking the “FAT TONY” next to the creator. Rich plumes of smoke followed with a heavy taste of cocoa on the palate, I was taken away by the moment. If you are an avid cigar aficionado, do yourself a favor and don’t write off this impeccable stick.