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Local Cigar Makes Good

Erie now has it’s own local cigar and it’s Fat Tony’s. Locally owned and marketed Fat Tony’s line of excellent cigars are the equal of more expensive and well known brands. Every one is a smooth and consistent smoke from beginning until your fingers burn.
Cigar smokers you owe it to yourselves to try one. You’ll be a fan for life.


From Fat Tony to all the famiglia

I just want to take a moment and give you all a “heartfelt” Thank You! for your support!

A Fat Tony's Fan


I haven’t smoked a cigar since I moved to the United States from Rome, Italy 14 years ago, but I sure enjoy FAT TONY’S CIGARS.


I Tried Cigars In The Past…

I tried cigars in the past and I was never impressed. Then I met Mike “The Chameleon” Amidon from Fat Tony’s Cigars. Must admit, they offer some excellent cigars! I try to limit myself but I truly enjoy their cigars! My favorite is probably the Gordo, or maybe the Churchill or it could be the Robusto!

A Fat Tony's Fan

Best cigar at best price

Love Tony’s cigars!!! Taste test them against much more expensive cigars and Tony’s will win every, single time. The best!!!

Tony’s biggest fan


I was never really much of a cigar smoker…till I tried a Fat Tony’s Cigar. After that I was hooked. The whole line of Fat Tony’s Cigars are eccezionale!!!

I’ve been smoking for about 5 years now and I’ve tried many others. I’ve probably tried just about every boutique brand out there and, I can honestly say – Fat Tony’s Cigars are one of my absolute favorites, a must have!! I always have some in my humidor and love sharing them with others. Every time I introduce someone to a Fat Tony’s for the first time time they are blown away…they always say – “where can I get some of these.” If you haven’t tried one yet, you are depriving yourself of an eccellente cigar.

All this talk has me wanting one now…so, enough talk…I’m going to smoke one.
I suggest you get a Fat Tony’s and smoke one too!!!

Un fan di "Fat Tony's" grasso

Love the Fat Tony’s Maduro

I am certainly not a Cigar Aficionado. But I certainly love Fat Tony’s maduro’s. Have recommended them to my friends and will buy more.

A Fat Tony's Fan

Give Fat Tony’s A Try!

Fat Tony’s line of cigars are a superior product, each with its own unique flavor that includes high quality tobacco. I love being able to have a variety and Fat Tony’s line gives me that opportunity! Not only do they have a great taste but also an easy draw. The best part is dealing with the lines creator! Tony is a people person with a great personality and goes out of his way to make sure his customers are satisfied! Fat Tony’s cigars are of phenomenal quality and at an amazing price! I highly recommend giving Fat Tony’s cigars a try!

A Fat Tony's Fan

Great Cigars and Great Prices

Great cigars at great prices and the best customer service. Fat Tony will always have my business and recommendations.

Armando Leone


I first experienced smoking cigars while a student at Gannon College in 1972.
Over the years I cultivated a very discerning quest for the consummate cigar.
I often could be heard saying “So many cigars, so little time”.
Upon the recommendation of a friend, I stopped at a local cigar shop named Tightwad Tobacco, and purchased a FAT TONY’S CIGAR. To be honest with you I had my doubts, so this cigar sat in one of my humidors for a couple of months. I finally decided to give it a try; I was speechless. This FAT TONY’S CIGAR was without a doubt one of the best cigars that I had smoked in years.
I immediately got in touch with my friend who had told me about FAT TONY’S CIGARS, and said I have to meet the guy behind the cigar. His name was Tony Fatica, and It wasn’t long before Tony and I met and talked cigars. Tony’s not exactly what you would expect, he’s a very down to earth, generous, level headed family man, with a personality that doesn’t quit.
Tony introduced me to a good friend of his Ken Rockhill, and needless to say we all try to get together on a weekly basis to enjoy a FAT TONY.
After several decades of hunting for the ultimate high-end cigar, I’ve found it; and what’s more surprising, you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to enjoy this extravagance.

Michael G. Amidon


I have been smoking cigars for 5 years now, and finding the right one was difficult. After coming across Fat Tony’s Cigars, I finally did it! These are some of the best high quality cigars for an excellent price. I recommend this to all smokers including first timers to experts! You the man, Fat Tony!

A Fat Tony's Fan

Savoring moments

Growing up in the upper West side of Erie, PA in a healthy middle class family that exercises regularly, you don’t get offered fine liquor or tobacco products often, that is until I met my good pal Micheal Amidon. Mike and I first met as co workers in the security field, but soon following Mike and I were hitting bars like baseballs. The Oasis bar is were Mike gave me my first cigar on the outside patio one warm summer night. From there I was enthralled with trying any and all stogies until I found the box’s I could call my “go-to”. In October 2017 at our local smoke shop, Mike invited his friend Tony and introduced us. Tony gave me a stick to try and I happily obliged smoking the “FAT TONY” next to the creator. Rich plumes of smoke followed with a heavy taste of cocoa on the palate, I was taken away by the moment. If you are an avid cigar aficionado, do yourself a favor and don’t write off this impeccable stick.



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